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Image by Benjamín Hazael Rojas García


We know how challenging it can be to find a quality healthcare provider who is ready to partner with you in your recovery journey.  Hear what some of our clients have to say about Untamed Nutrition Therapy!


With Allison on my team I feel like I have the support I need to heal my relationship with food, body, and mind. She uplifts, provides structure, asks meaningful questions, and working with her has helped me redefine what health means. The way she approaches nutrition counseling is empowering- it's not a rigid one size fits all philosophy. She takes the time to get to know you individually, where you're at and where you want to be, and encourages you to go on the journey yourself with her right there rooting for you.


Allison comes to you with compassion, great knowledge and a unique perspective to help develop the best approach to help meet your needs. Allison uses a unique and creative approach to walk along side of you as you reach your goals. Working with Allison is a great experience that will give you to a tool set to always return to.


Untamed Nutrition is an oustandingly exceptional Nutrition Therapy program that I couldn't recommend enough. Allison is by far the most educated, kind, intelligent, and helpful dietician I have ever worked with. Allison has worked diligently with me throughout eating disorder recovery, initially creating structured meal plans and accountability systems, and helping through the early steps of recovery, to know, helping me truly improve my relationship with food and become my overall happiest nurtured self.

I think what makes this practice so special is its ability to be so personal and personalized with the clients, while still helping create regimens and progress in recovery. Allison's attentive care and easy-to-connect attitude are only on the surface as her depth of knowledge are immense. For me, I found it so helpful that she is so experienced in not only eating disorders but additionally sports nutrition and HAES care, as it was extremely helpful to have learned how to properly fuel myself for the best athletic performance and strength when I was ready. This practice is so much more than traditional one size fits all dietician work and personalized the approach to fit my lifestyle and requirements. Additionally, Allison is very well informed on co-occuring conditions, from trauma to medical issues, and always communicated with other professionals I saw to help with continuity of care. I attribute my eating disorder recovery greatly to her patience and hard work through sessions. From post-treatment to far into recovery, Untamed Nutrition was there. I have never found a more involved dietician, whether it was going grocery shopping together, cooking foods or trying new items in a session, moving my body and working to improve my relationship with exercise, doing sessions with my family, or helping create a personalized meal plan, Allison always found a way to push me. She is an incredible asset for those struggling with an eating disorder, and for those who are in recovery and caters to the needs of each person. I truly could not imagine a more loving program and would recommend untamed nutrition to anyone and everyone in search of a dietician.


Allison is the absolute best dietician I’ve ever worked with. She is very professional and is excellent at making you feel comfortable to share anything on your mind. She is a knowledge powerhouse when it comes to nutrition and is amazing at breaking things down so that they can be understood. Highly recommended! You won’t regret working with Allison!


(As cliche as this may sound) from the moment i met Allison, I knew there was something special about her; that her knowledge and care superseded that of her peers & that of which was required from her profession. She always wanted to do more, to be more, to learn more, never dismissing a client’s concerns or ideological challenges.

I wasn’t the easiest client admittedly but I know she cares for me dearly and believes in me. She made me see my body, food, and exercise in a different, better light. I was initially afraid I'd have to adhere to a plan of which I simply knew I wouldn’t be able to adhere to but together we worked out a plan that was both realistic, proper, and unique to my needs—a plan that wasn’t scary.

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