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Our Values

Increasing Access

Our practice values increasing access to quality care for those suffering from eating disorders.  We are almost 100% insurance based because we believe in individuals being able to use their resources.  We will fight for medical nutrition therapy coverage through your insurance plan directly and behind the scenes, as we are constantly advocating for more quality care for eating disorder treatment. 

Weight-Inclusivity and Body Diversity Acceptance

We are an anti-diet nutrition practice, meaning we understand that diets do not work and only promote more shame and weight bias.  We help clients fight for more body diversity acceptance in their communities, with their doctors, and within their own homes.  We also help clients heal from their own traumatic experiences around weight stigma and fat phobia.

Cultural Diversity

The dietitians at Untamed Nutrition Therapy love exploring new and different food cultures.  Food is deeply personal and we value being open-minded to learn from our clients culture and experiences with food, especially when they are different from our own.  

Customized Care

We believe that each person’s relationship with food is unique and complex due to individual lived experiences.  We value a customized approach to our care, as each client brings their own unique challenges, experiences, and goals.

Validation and Self-compassion

The research is very clear that shame based approaches to well-being do not work.  We value creating a safe space for clients to share.  We honor the difficulty in being vulnerable.  Most importantly, we help clients increase their own self compassion in order to decrease judgment and shame, as this is one of the most impactful parts of recovery.  

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